FAQ: frequently asked questions

  1. What are times of Check-in and Check-out?
  2. Are there apartments accessible to visitors of limited mobility?
  3. May guests use the pool?
  4. Is there a restaurant at the agriturismo, are restaurant meals included in the listed price?
  5. Is breakfast included in the listed price?
  6. Are the bed linens, and bath and kitchen towels, included in the listed price?
  7. Is heating included in the listed price?
  8. Is cleaning included in the listed price?
  9. Are guests permitted to bring animals?
  10. Where may guests park their automobiles?
  11. Are there shops nearby?
  12. Are telephone or internet connections available in the guest apartments?
  13. Are the apartments furnished with cookware, tableware, dishwasher, clothes washer?
  14. How should we make reservations?
  15. Is payment expected upon arrival?

Check-in is after 16:00, and Check-out at 10:00.
L'appartamento Granaio strutturato per accogliere persone diversamente abili.
The pool is available to all guests, and open from May to October. Usage is included with your stay at our agriturismo.
Refreshments including dinner are not included. We may provide meals if a specific request and reservation are made. Upon request, we may provide typical Volterran and Tuscan specialties.
No, breakfast in not included in the price. Upon specific request, we may provide breakfast.
Yes, a service of towels and linens is provided with the apartments.
During the months of May to September (that is fall to early spring), the apartments will be heated by the owners. From October to April, any heating costs will be paid by the guests.
No, the listed price does not include the fee for cleaning. The "Leccio" apartment requires a € 40 fee for the final cleaning, the "Roseto" apartment a € 40 fee, the "Limonaia" apartment a € 30 fee, and the "Granaio" apartment a € 30 fee and the "Melograno" apartment a € 30 fee.
Guests must notify the owners of their intent to bring pets, at the time of reservation.
There is a private parking area on the grounds of the agriturismo.
The agriturismo is about 2 km from the main town of Volterra, where one will find a variety of shops.
Every apartment is furnished with kitchen and table ware. There are no dishwashers. There are no clothes wash machines (excepting "Leccio Apartment").
When making a reservation, the guest must make a deposit equivalent to 30% of the anticipated total costs. The deposit must be sent by bank transfer (bonifico bancario) or postal order (vaglia postale). Deposits may be refunded up until thirty days before the reservation date. At the arrival time, guests are requested to complete payment and also leave a €150 deposit. At the end of the stay the deposit will be returned after making allowances for any broken or damaged furniture.

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