Olive Oil

The approximately 2000 olive trees are of many varieties, including those called Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolo, Maurino, and the very special Lazzaro. The plants are tended throughout the year in order to maximize the quality of the harvest, which is done completely by hand, in October and November. The result is generously fragrant oil, with an exceptionally fresh flavor. Guests may participate in the harvest and the work at the olive press (frantoio).


Approximately thirty beehives are kept on the farm and their honey is collected. From April to September, the beehives are moved near to particular plants in flower, for example: heath, clover, medica, acacia, chestnut, sunflower and native wildflowers. We are then able to produce the different flavored honeys, and a unique wildflower honey, the blends are delicious. The honey is processed only minimally, at a farmhouse at the Tesorino agriturismo, which ensures the high-quality and freshness of the product. In season, guests can view this processing which is done by the owner's family.


A small herd of goats are bred at the Villa Marmini agriturismo, they belong to the Maltese race. You may visit the goats. They produce a very low-fat milk which is used to make home-made cheeses: ricotta and raveggiolo (one of the least-aged cheeses, rarely found outside the zone of production due to its delicacy), and other fresh cheeses. These cheeses are typically served with honey or jams, for those enjoying sweet flavors, and with olive oil and herbs for those preferring savory flavors.

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