The apartments of the Villa Marmini

The agriturismo guest apartments are composed of:

  • an apartment, Leccio, with three bedrooms, two cooking areas and two bathrooms;
  • a beautiful two-room apartment, Limonaia;
  • a single studio apartment which is accessible to handicapped guests, Granaio.
  • a beautiful three-room apartment, Roseto
  • a new two-room apartment, Melograno;

Each apartment has its separate outdoor space.

Leccio Limonaia Granaio Roseto melograno

Michelin Map

The ViaMichelin Map is able to localize with precision our Agriturismo and to trace a route from your own home.

Interactive Map

Complete overview of Villa Marmini's Agriturismo including the localization of the apartments, of the swimming pool and of the other areas.